Tourist Attractions

Beyond Camden Market London has 100s of tourist attractions to suit all ages. In this section you can find information about a few of them, and links to explore further.

The Imperial War Museum

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The Imperial War Museum is committed to preserving and showcasing the history of conflicts from World War I through to the present day operation in Iraq and Afghanistan, paying particular attention to those involving Britain and the Commonwealth.

The British Museum

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The British Museum represented a radical departure from traditional museums upon its establishment in 1753. Prior to the museum's opening, most museums were owned by either the king or the church. The British Museum was the world's very first public museum and opened its doors to anyone who wished to browse the collection of physician Sir Hans Sloane.

The London Aquarium

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For years, the London Aquarium's biggest draw was robotic fish. The three fish, created by the University of Essex's computer science department, were designed to function realistically and were an experiment in combining the best attributes of actual fish species.

Tower Bridge

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The first bridge ever built over the Thames was the London Bridge. As the city of London grew over the years, more bridges were built, but always to the west of London Bridge. The area east of the bridge was a busy port area.