Organising a Trip to Camden Market and Other Shopping Destinations in Central London

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For the millions of people that live in the outer suburbs of greater London, such as Hornchurch and Upminster, visiting central London markets and retail stores is something that is relatively easy to do on any given day of the week:the majority of people make the journey into town by underground or overland train. However, if you are planning a good old-fashioned shopping spree this weekend, you might find a minicab makes for a much more convenient mode of transport.

The Most Relaxing Way to Visit the Capital’s Major Shopping Destinations

If you have ever tried to board a packed Piccadilly Line or District Line train carrying numerousbulky shopping bags, you will not need to be told that public transport leaves much to be desired as far as enthusiastic shoppers are concerned.For those of you who are currently living in the area of Greater London that lies to the east of Dagenham and Romford, Hornchurch minicabs are a much better alternative. Leave fairly early on a Saturday morning and you will miss most of the traffic; on the way home you will not mind the journey taking slightly longer as you will have bags and bags of shopping to inspect and discuss with your companions.

Planning Your Day

If you have never planned a full-on day’s shopping in town, please allow us to make a few suggestions that will enhance your pleasure and ensure that a good time is had by all.

  • Don’t Forget Breakfast – One of the most enjoyable aspects of spending the day in town as far as many people are concerned is the opportunity to enjoy some great food, cooked by somebody else! You don’t need to go mad and splash out on lunch in a Michelin-starred restaurant though: a full English breakfast in a traditional café, such as you can find slightly off the beaten track in places like Bayham Street, is a fantastic way to start the day and will ensure you have plenty of energy to sustain you when bargain hunting in Camden Market and other shopping destinations in town.
  • Agree a Daily Rental Price – If you have your heart set on a full day of shopping, eating, and catching up with gossip, the last thing you want to be doing is rushing around in order to meet deadlines that are simply not necessary. One of the great things about taking a minicab into town is that you can set your own schedule. You don’t have to worry about what time the trains leave or when they start and finish. All you have to do isfind a willing cab driver who understands what you are looking for and is happy to accommodate your needs. Agree a fee for the whole day so that you can truly relax and enjoy a fun day out with friends.
  • Consider Luggage Space – If there are only three of you heading into town to visit Camden Market, and perhaps head into the West End afterwards, you may think that a compact car will be perfect for your needs. However, if you are planning to give your wallet and credit cards a serious workout, you should make sure that your minicab has plenty of room to carry all the shopping on the return journey.
  • Dress for the Weather – It might sound like an obvious tip but a shopping trip to outdoor destinations such as Camden Market can be ruined if you neglect to dress appropriately for the prevailing weather conditions. If you are booking a minicab into town, you don’t have to worry about being lumbered with heavy coats in the event that the sun decides to put in an appearance: you can simply leave them in the car while you investigate the many bargains being sold by Camden’s numerous stallholders.
  • Make Time for a Drink – The perfect way to end a day out in town is with a relaxing drink in a local pub or café. It doesn’t matter whether your favourite tipple is beer or a freshly made latte; the opportunity to wind down and chill out before heading home is what you will enjoy most. There are so many pubs and cafés in central London that we won’t attempt to make any specific recommendations in this article but check back on a regular basis as we will be sure to do so in the near future!
  • Leave Room for Spontaneity – While it is important to make some plans for your trip if you want it to go smoothly, such as arranging a time and place to meet in the morning, you should leave room for manoeuvre during the day, in case you decide you would like to go somewhere on the spur of the moment. Let your minicab driver know that your plans are not set in stone and leave and hour or two of free time in your schedule so that you have time to be spontaneous if the mood takes you.

Money Saving Tips

For those of you who really fancy a day’s retail therapy but are not keen on spending a fortune, here are a couple of ways in which you can ensure the cost of your day out does not spiral out of control.

  1. Plan Your Route Carefully – If your main reason for heading into town is to visit Camden Market, make sure your minicab driver is aware of the fact that you would prefer to avoid the congestion charge zone. As it doesn’t start until you cross Marylebone Road from the north, there is no reason to enter it when travelling to the market from Hornchurch unless you are planning to visit other more centrally located shopping destinations during the day.
  1. Take a Packed Lunch – If you want to save all your spare money for shopping, take a packed lunch along with you.

Whenever you are planning your trip, make sure that you book your minicab a few days in advance, to avoid disappointment.