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Trading at the market

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If you're a designer, craftspeople or an artist that wishes to open a market stall at Camden Market, it's not that hard to do. First though we recommend that you visit Camden Market at the weekend and to find the market area that best suits what you are selling. For example, artists will find that Market Hall is the most popular place to display works, while Buck Street Market has always been popular with clothes designers.

Organising a Trip to Camden Market and Other Shopping Destinations in Central London

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For the millions of people that live in the outer suburbs of greater London, such as Hornchurch and Upminster, visiting central London markets and retail stores is something that is relatively easy to do on any given day of the week:the majority of people make the journey into town by underground or overland train. However, if you are planning a good old-fashioned shopping spree this weekend, you might find a minicab makes for a much more convenient mode of transport.