Getting to Camden Market

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Camden Market is at a major junction for North London, and this means that it is very well served by public transport. Camden is in Zone 2 and for visitors can purchase a travel card (from newsagents and tube stations), which will allow easier travel around London's transport network for a day.

Camden Market is not the place to take a pram, the streets are often crowded and you will be constantly looking to see if your child is not getting bashed by a bag, rather than looking up at some of the wonderful street art all around. If possible parents should bring a harness or baby carrier.


Camden Road Overground Railway Station

On the Camden Road is where the North London line has been bringing people as long as I can remember. Gone are the old machines dispensing tickets against round buttons marked 10p and 20p. In their place a ticket office and also a cashpoint. The North London line is, for those that live in Camden, a secret. In 30 minutes you can go all the way down to the beautiful Kew Gardens, and then on to Richmond for a lovely day out. It's highly recommended. You also get some great views over what I is left of old London. If you're thinking about going up to Islington, to visit the Camden Passage antiques market (40 years) you can take the trian to Highbury and Islington, and then walk down Upper Street for 10 minutes to find the market on your left. The line goes beyond Hackney to finish in Stratford, so it is a great connection between East and West London. This is a the best of all the transport methods for arriving at Camden Market if you have children (not prams as there is an incredibly steep staircase at Camden Road that joins the platforms) as the walk down to Camden takes in the first glipses of the Regent's canal.


Underground / Tube

Coming by Tube provides the most direct way to arrive at Camden Market. It's also the most crowded. If you suffer from claustraphobia and you are visiting at the weekend, you should consider another arrival point. There are two underground stations  at which to get off, Camden Town and Chalk Farm Road, both of which are on the Northern Line. An alternative point to get off is Mornington Crescent, but there is 10 minute walk before you reach the markets.

Not ideally suited for families with small children on Saturday/Sunday.



Camden has an extensive range of bus stops which will carry people in from most parts of London. Here is a list of the bus routes and locations from which they part.

Suitable for families all days.



# LT BUS #

Kings Cross Station: 214
Liverpool Street: 214
Euston Station: 168, 253
Victoria Station: 24
Leicester Square: 24, 29
Trafalgar Square: 24, 29
Oxford Street: 274
Marble Arch: 274
London Planetarium: 27
Tate Gallery: 88
Clapham Common: 88
Elephant & Castle: 168
Notting Hill Gate &
Portobello Road: 27, 31





Camden Market is not in the congestion zone but don't come by car unless you absolutely have to. Camden is famous for its efficient and effective traffic wardens and spaces are few and far between. If you are thinking about doing this, consult Camden Council's website all about parking. Most pay and display ticket machines have a time limit of 3 hours and that means having to come back - mid-shop - to get a new one. That's of course assuming you can find a parking bay vacant (nb. only bays marked with a sign "pay and display" are designated areas, the sign for residents parking is very similar, be careful to check this before leaving your car).

insider tip: Combine Camden Market with London Zoo, the car park at the Zoo is 10 minutes walk from Camden and your parking is valid for the whole day. If you plan a trip to the Zoo in the morning, Camden Market can be explored in the afternoon.