You are spoilt for choice when deciding on what mode of transport to bring you to Camden Market, Tube, Overground, Bus, Taxi and even Narrow Boat!


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Opening Times

VISITOR INFORMATIONCamden Market Opening TimesIf you are looking for the times that you will find Camden Market open, then you are in the right place!Camden Market opening TimesA good way to arrive at the market if coming from areas not serviced by the underground. A...

Interactive Map of Camden Market

Find your way around the market with out interactive map of the main market areas.

Primrose Hill London

Primrose Hill is regarded as one of the most beautiful viewpoints in North London. Not just because of it’s almost 360° degree viewpoint over the city of because of the scale of panorama it offers, but because when you find yourself at its summit it’s a view that takes the “Urban-ness” out of London

A Brief History of Camden Market

Camden Market is one of London’s most popular weekend tourist attractions, offering fashion and crafts; a mix of people and foods from every corner of the world. The area has been made famous by films such as ‘Withnail & I’, pop icons ‘Madness’ & Oasis, and historic writers such as George Orwell, Mary Shelley and Charles Dickens.

Video of Camden Market

Watch our HD video of what to expect when you visit Camden Market.

Things to do

What’s the best thing to do after your day at Camden Market is coming to an end? Here were are going to make proposals to keep you here even longer!

Getting to Camden Market

Lots of choice when deciding on what mode of transport to bring you to Camden Market: Tube, Overground, Bus, Taxi and even Narrow Boat. Find out which is going to suit you!

Visitor Information

There’s so much to do in a day at Camden from shopping for unique pieces of art or enjoying street food from all over the world.

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